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Four Ways to Make your Resume Best from the Rest

A lot has changed about resume writing.

You cannot simply use stock templates, include some bullet points, list your education and the places where you have worked.

Present day resumes are much more than this!

A good resume must highlight effectively and strategically your qualifications, experience, and background such that it answers the following two questions of your would-be employer:

1. Why should they hire you? and

2. Why should they hire you instead of other applicants?

If your resume answers the above questions, you have earned yourself a call for an interview. 

Here are four tips to make your resume employer-friendly.

1.   Creativity

One aspect of resume writing that you’ve probably heard of is to include “keywords” from the job posting. 

And one way of doing this is by copying the duties and responsibilities listed in the job posting and pasting those onto your resume. 

I’m afraid, that’s not the right way. 

If you choose to copy-paste, my friend, you are at your peril. 

A good way of doing this is by infusing creativity in your resume. 

You want to create a powerful one-of-a-kind document that describes you appropriately and effectively. 

A good resume should highlight your unique abilities and match them to the requirements of the employer. 

2.   Authenticity

No two resumes can be the same. 

Your resume is as unique as yourself.

Templates are a great starting point, but you should not use them blindly. 

The contents and information on your resume must be true and presented professionally. 

You should exercise caution while using fancy and big words on your resume. 

The overall vocabulary, style, and format must be consistent with your industry, qualifications, and experience. 

3.   Obstacle Handling

Obstacles are the issues or challenges related to your background that might potentially hinder your chances of getting an interview. 

Some of the examples are:

- Lack of Experience

- Lack of Industry Relevant Experience

- Employment Gaps

- Multiple Short-term Employments

- Past Termination

- Criminal Record 

Almost everyone has one or the other obstacle(s). 

A good resume must be able to mitigate such obstacles and effectively showcase your true value. 

4.   Readability

Once your resume gets past the computer screening component of hiring, it gets in the hands of the recruiter. 

If the recruiter is not able to read your resume, 

Or let’s put it the other way, 

If the recruiter is not able to make sense of your resume, it will most likely be discarded, almost instantly!

Your document should be such that it is concise, to the point and entices the reader to find out more about you. 

It should be free of industry inappropriate words, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and unwanted abbreviations.

Following these simple rules can infuse new life into your resume. 

A strategic, concise and professional resume has the power to present you in the best way possible and get you an interview. 

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